pung ghap Hos? Klingon cabinet member quits High Council seat in Human-language speech -by Rick Austin @EvolvedRick

Decoded by Nyota Uhura, Stardate 2258.97

Three Klingons

Three Klingons

A minor cabinet member has chosen a memorable way to step down from his High Council seat, an event notable less for what he said than how he said it: The speech was submitted in the Human language known as English.

Korlok, a representative from the House of Maktor in the Ketha province, invoked the language of the enemies of the Empire known as Humans in saying that he wouldn’t serve under the leadership of his own House. According to the Imperial Records, Korlok, son of Dankor, provided the English-language speech in the Great Hall of the First City “as necessary attack to preserve the Klingon Empire.”

“Many do not know me, and they may say that my actions and deeds are reckless,” he told the keepers of the Imperial Records. “Honour is more important than life.”

In order to make it accessible to those not fluent in human language, his speech has been deciphered by a universal translator and he said the following:

“Teach (the) House of Maktor true honour. I will return in time to (witness) victory. I declare that my battle within the Council is finished on this day. Today is a good day to resign.”

Maktor, was furious as the Records show. “It is an insult to the Chancellor to use this language of those weak Ha’DIbaH and a dishonour to our glorious Empire,” the House’s leader was quoted as saying.

Korlok did make a lengthier speech in formal Klingon afterwards, in which went into greater detail about his reasons for leaving the High Council.

“For the past year the House of Maktor has been filled with more deception, pointless conflicts and a lack of ghob than I can no longer bear witness to. Their links with Human traders such as Harcourt Fenton Mudd has led me to believe that they have no honour themselves. If a warrior ignores duty, acts dishonourably, or is disloyal then he is nothing,” he said.

His term resign is a typical Human word that implies a form of surrender when performing a duty. Korlok’s use of the Human language may have angered those within the High Council, but some have viewed it as a way to get his statement across. Council Member Koloth, known to be in disagreement with Maktor for many years, stated, “A Klingon does not run away from his battles, and by bringing this to our attention in such a way he has made his point as bravely as any warrior could. I do not know what fate awaits him, but he has allies in other Houses that shall aid him if called upon.”

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Rick Austin

Author: Rick Austin

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