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rickaAge:38, approaching 39 at Warp Factor 9!

Favourite Trek Series: Deep Space Nine.

Favourite Captain: Jellico. No, not really, although he did put Deanna Troi in the uniform and she never looked better. I’m a Sisko guy. He rattled Picard, knocked Q on his ass and made huge sacrifices to get the job done. He’s also a family man, with the intelligence of Picard and the fire of Kirk. Damn shame it took him so long to get promoted.

Favourite Ship: I love the new movie Enterprise, it’s got the classic design but with more grace and punch. Another personal favourite is the HMS Bounty. I love those Klingon ships, and the name is downright hilarious.

Favourite Episode: The Trouble With Tribbles. When I was a kid in the ‘70s I had a book of it, one of those with the photos and the word bubbles. I must have read it a hundred times, and it’s the story that taught me to never take anything too seriously. Also The Visitor (DS9), the only episode that makes me cry every time.

Favourite Non-Regular Character: Reg Barclay. He’s neurotic but a genius, saved the day for both the Enterprise and Voyager, and plays Cyrano de Bergerac as well as Jose Ferrer did. What more could you ask?

Trekker Or Trekkie? I prefer Trekaholic.

About Me: When I was a kid, I met Douglas Adams. He was drunk. Since then I knew that I could have fun and still make a living. Currently residing at the Federation penal colony in South Africa, I’m a professional monkey with a laptop and the Dark Lord of Creativity. My body is a miracle of genetics, powered by coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and pop culture. I’m a dreadful role model. On the plus side, I do a mean karaoke session.

Twitter: @EvolvedRick

Find me: Writing features for the Trek Mate Family Here & on my blog here

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