What would be on your Star Trek Bucket List? Podcast #197

It is with sadness that I report one of our co-hosts, Bryan Detamore, has decided to no longer go on with the show. He doesn’t have the time needed to prepare properly, or at times to even be on the show. I am sad to lose Bryan and I hope when things in his life settle down he will come back as a future guest. Losing a co-host is sad, but irrelevant if I have lost a treasured friend. As they say, time will only tell, but Bryan will always be welcome in my life, so I hope this is short lived.. This happens in every podcast. People have changes in their lives and have to let some hobbies go.

But we will go on, Brian Baker and I pull out the topic from two weeks ago, our Star Trek bucket list. Brian’s list has the more down to earth wishes, whereas Lou went for the laugh factor, as usual. There was one of Lou’s bucket list that brought a tear to his eye so you’ll have to listen for that.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: #74 “Knowledge equals profit.“

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Trek News and Views, A Star Trek Podcast.
Star Trek Continues.
Star Trek Online.
Star Trek Outpost, a Fan Audio Fiction.
Comic Con, Sci-Fi Convention.
Dragon Con, A Sci-Fi Convention.
Ten Forward, a Star Trek Podcast.
Desert Island Trek, A Star Trek Podcast.
Mike Tech Show.

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