Trek Mate: Supplemental 9 – All Our Yesterdays

This weeks Supplemental is a real listener special as we are joined by none other than @QueenKatBlue AKA Sina & @Science_islife AKA Jacqueline. They joined us to review the TOS season 3 classic “All Our Yesterdays” and there were only a couple of small digressions.


Author: Wayne Emery

Host of The Trek Mate Podcast & founder of The Trek Mate Family Network

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  1. This is the first episode that I’ve listened to on this site… and I’m hoping that they get better. The first half of this episode was a waste. Too much nitpicking. The second half was better, but again, still a lot of nitpicking. Guys, we don’t watch Trek because of the awesome special effects, the brilliant acting, the outstanding storylines, etc, etc, etc… We watch it to escape from the realities of our boring daily lives. It’s escapism. Take it for what it is and quit knocking it.

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    • This is a very early episode where people are finding there feet. Hope you keep listening.

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