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WayneAge: 32

Favourite Trek Series: The Next Generation (although I love them all).

Favorite Captain: Kathryn Janeway. She had the hardest deal out of all the captains. She got blasted 70,000 Lightyears away from home with no way of contacting StarFleet; she had to make a lot of hard decisions for her crew whilst staying strong at all times. That’s without even going into the whole girl power thing. Regardless of her sex she was a true role model.

Favourite Ship:For me it’s a tie between the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D and the USS Defiant. The Enterprise is a truly majestic ship. It’s like Scotty said “An engineer’s first ship is like his first love.” However, I really have a soft spot for the Defiant, so small and sleek but really packs a punch.

Favourite episode: All Good Things – this episode is the epitomy of a classic Trek episode and was a fitting end to the series.

Favourite non-regular character: Guinan – Whoopi Goldberg put in a brilliant performance everytime she stepped into Ten Forward. Her character was such a strong, wise, empathetic and caring person that you couldn’t help but love her.

Wayne StageAbout me: Well I am well rounded (in every sense) gentleman from a small village in Hertfordshire, England. I am a husband and father to three of the most gorgeous children in the world, my loving wife Leanne is luckily tolerant of my love for all things geeky. I started watching Trek when I was 7 and it has been a firm influence in my life. I know it is cliched but believe me when I say, everything I needed to know about life, I learnt from Star Trek.

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