Trek Mate: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 132: What If O’Brien Nailed Bashir?

In this weeks show we continue down the hypothetical rabbit hole and ask what would of happen if Miles & Julian became romantically involved… As well as other stuff.


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Author: Wayne Emery

Host of The Trek Mate Podcast & founder of The Trek Mate Family Network

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1 Comment

  1. I enjoyed the second half of the show when you were discussing what ifs.
    While not a prude and enjoying some colourful language, I prefer my Star Trek to remain much as it has to this point. I didn’t mind the use of fuck in Discovery nor the relationship between Stamets and Culbar, however, Star Trek is a subtle tool for good rather than a hammer.

    I may have considered aerobics for fitness if Gates McFadden had released a video

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