The Wounded, TNG S4 E12 Review, The Battle Bridge

Sorry we’ve been gone so long.  But the good news is I finally found work and will have a stable schedule soon to resume the show.  I still have two more episodes to edit and publish and we should continue recording soon.  Thank you for keeping with us.

When Captain Benjamin Maxwell apparently goes rogue, the Enterprise is ordered to apprehend him before his actions result in another war between the Federation and the Cardassian Union.

Today James and Lou discuss (The Wounded) and what we think of it, with tonight’s guest host Shawn Vanderloo from the Rusted Robot and Sci-Fi Waffle Podcasts.

Credit: Main Title Theme (TV Edit) was arranged by Dennis McCarthy and composed by Gerry Goldsmith and Alexander Courage

Links Discussed In This Show Were:
The Rusted Robot Podcast
The Sci-Fi Waffle Podcast
Trek News and Views Podcast
Star Trek – The Recovered Tapes. Episodes of TNG that have deleted scenes where they would have been during the episode. A MUST WATCH!!!
Upper Pylon 2, A Star Trek: DS9 Review Podcast

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here. (might have to right click, save as.)

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