The Child, TNG S2 E01 Review, The Battle Bridge

Welcome to season 2 of the Battle Bridge. We start off season 2 by having a baby. No we’re not having a baby, no our wives are not having a baby… Counselor Troi is having a baby. Not only was it not planned, Deanna didn’t even participate in the process. In fact, her empathic powers seem to be dormant when she is… When a betazoid sleeps, her ability to stop an unplanned pregnancy dips to below 2%. And that’s when it happened. A ball of light….well is Raped her an accurate description? That is brought up actually, but it didn’t get discussed until we were signing off…

Today James and Lou discuss (The Child) and what we think of it and much more as well as listener feedback.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Wesley Picard, a story by the late Brian Baker

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