Ten Forward:Episode 6: Let’s Talk Books

In this week’s episode we are joined by Carl Stark as we kick off our first installment of the Trek Mate book club as we read “Tales of the Dominion war”. As well as plenty of news and emails from you.

Our Thoughts:  This anthology of short stories has something for everybody.  There are bloody battles, brave Klingons, sneaky Romulans, engineers in battle, planets being taken over by the Dominion, Picard in action, and attempted revenge against the Female Changeling, among other stories.   Two of the stories were just average, but many were thrilling and captivating.

The Final Verdict:  We recommend this anthology highly; it is very entertaining, no matter what your favorite series is.


Author: Wayne Emery

Host of The Trek Mate Podcast & founder of The Trek Mate Family Network

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