Ten Forward:Episode 19: Night of the living Trekkies

This week it’s book club time and Sina is joined by Stolen Droids podcaster Carl Stark as they review ‘Night of the Living Trekkies’ by Kevin David Anderson.

Our Thoughts:  Carl and Sina definitely liked this book.  Carl, who is an uber zombie and Star Trek fan, was in heaven with the mashup of the genres. Sina, who greatly dislikes horror and brain eating zombies, nevertheless appreciated the author’s Star Trek knowledge and Star Trek inside jokes that are present throughout the book.  There are enough Star Trek references to make the typical Star Trek fan happy, and sufficient zombie killing and blood and guts (literally) to keep the zombie fans reading through the book.  Sina did not like the (***spoiler***) deaths of some of the characters the reader gets to know, but understands that in the horror genre, only a few survive.

The Final Verdict:  An enjoyable, easy read with lots of fun for both zombie and Star Trek fans.


Author: adam

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