Favourite Trek Series: Deep Space Nine. I liked the fact it was the first real dark and gritty series. Seasons 4 -7 has some of the best trek out there.

Favourite Captain: I like them all but it has to come down to Picard ultimately. It was under the Next Generation that my fondness for Star Trek came out.

Favourite Ship: This is a really hard question but it probably comes down to the Enterprise D. It was a fantastic looking ship and there was a real thrill whenever it was onscreen.

Favourite Episode: In the Pale Moonlight. This was one of the finest episodes to come out of Deep Space Nine, pushing the boundaries of the normal Star Trek formula. It was a rare chance to see a Star Fleet officer make decisions that were in normal circumstances morally objectionable. It also featured Garak heavily, who is one of my favourite characters throughout the show.

Favourite non-regular character: I would have to agree with Marc here and say Elim Garak. He brought a very real element to Deep Space Nine and was one of the first very dark characters you couldn’t help like despite his often self serving side.

About me: I have been watching Star Trek since TNG originally ran on BBC2 in the late eighties / early nineties.

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