Ten Forward:Episode 18: Moyers World

This week we have the entire gang: Sina, Jacqueline and Matt. We have a brilliant guest this week, Rick Moyer, a music genius who has provided all the Trek Mate bumpers for us and has hilarious Star Trek parody songs. Rick is stranded on our Desert Island and is forced to choose only 5 episodes to take with him. We also discuss a bit of news, not that anything is going on…..[Star Trek London anybody?], try to trip up Matt with some trivia questions, and read emails and forum posts.

Rick Moyer can be reached at @moyer777, rick.moyer on Facebook, Takehimwithyou.com , startrekparodies.com or artbymoyer.com

Rick Moyer

TOS Mirror, Mirror
TNG Coming of Age
TNG A Matter of Honor
TNG Peak Performance
VOY Year of Hell, Parts 1 & 2

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