Sad news to report.

It is with extreme sadness that I report the passing of my co-host and friend, Brian Baker. Brian came to the Lou Trek Show on show 103 in June of 2011 as a guest. From there he just seemed to insert himself into the fold and I didn’t have the heart to not let him. I am thankful today that I let him stay with us as he was a loyal and true confidant in some of my darkest times in the last, almost, three years.

Over the years Brian has provided us with hours of fun, including his many voices that he perfected. He gifted us with a great book, The Star Trek Top Ten Lists, with Borg Math Made Easy. I read a page today and was anxious to talk to him about how it made me laugh.

To my friend Brian, I will always miss you. The show will never be the same without it’s “Android.” Your absence will be felt forever. I don’t know if I want to continue the show, but will take some time to think it over. I’m sure you would want me to continue, if no other reason than to immortalize your voice in recorded history. Although we never met in person, our souls were intertwined through Star Trek. I will miss your wisdom and even your quirky laugh. Our hearts are broken, but time will heal our wounds. Rest in peace and may God’s eternal light shine on your soul.
Your friend,

Attached is the first Show Brian was a guest on, show 103. Enjoy and keep him in your hearts.

You can download Brian’s first appearance by clicking here.

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