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Our friend Larry Nemecek says that we don’t give a second though to a TOS episode called “Friday’s Child.” So Brian Baker thought it would be a good idea to give it a front and center look, so tonight Brian and I decide to do our usual mostly funny, but sometimes serious commentary on this TOS episode. What is Friday’s Child?

Writen by D.C. Fontana, directed by Joe Pevney, it guest stars Julie Newmar as Eleen, Tige Andrews as Kras, Michael Dante as Maab and others among of which is Robert Bralver as Grant, the Red Shirt who buys the farm in less than two minutes into the landing party mission.

Synopsis is:
The USS Enterprise approaches Capella IV, the home of the Capellans and a rich source of the rare mineral topaline. Topaline is vital to the life support systems of certain colonies. Kirk’s assignment is to obtain mining rights. McCoy, who visited Capella years ago, briefs the senior officers; among other things, he reveals that Capellans have a complex structure of taboos, and that they can anger easily.
Kirk leaves Scotty in command of the Enterprise while he, Spock, McCoy and Grant beam down and are immediately accosted by a party of Capellans led by Maab. Also in the party is Kras, a Klingon. Grant reacts too quickly, drawing his phaser, which prompts immediate retaliation: one of the warriors with Maab throws his kligat, which hits Grant, killing him instantly.
So what did Brian and I think of it? Check it out…

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: # 214 “Never begin a negotiation on an empty stomach.“

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