Please read: Re: The death of one of our greatest listeners and contributor, Colin Higgins.

Hello everyone. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a long time contributor to the Lou Trek Show as well as the Battle Bridge.  Colin Higgins was a legend in sci-fi podcasting. I have been reading a lot of things people have left about him. He touched people in ways I had no idea about. Colin lived in Warwickshire county in England. Being he was six hours ahead of me, it made friendships hard to really maintain. Sadly Colin had demons that haunted him and he succumbed to their affect and took his own life.

Since the Lou Trek Show began in 2009, with my co-host and wonderful friend, Bryan Detamore, we have had many of our listeners become our friends. Sadly the show’s first loss was a friend of Bryan, by the name of Shelby Hobbs. We had Shelby on a few times and my thoughts were, he’s an odd fella, but he was a good person. We mourned his death, as it hit Bryan very hard. Bryan brought another friend into the fold, Brian Baker and after my first conversation, I knew I found my android. With my Klingon and my android, I could only think of one species I could relate to, so I became the resident Ferengi. Sadly Brian Baker lost his life due to a brain aneurysm, mere hours after texting me to see if I was awake. It’s taken me these many years to accept that I, most likely, wouldn’t have been able to save Brian, even if I were awake and urged him to go to hospital. I went through the stages of grief, like his family and other friends did. I am once again taking the self-inflicted death of a beautiful person very hard and will be leaning on my family and friends to help me cope and visit each stage.

Colin was a huge part of the show and will be immortalized in every future show in a way I have yet determined. I am sure I speak for my Battle Bridge co-host James, when I say we will always miss Colin. Sometimes he would get annoyed when we went off on some tangent as it was usually around 11pm UK before we finished recording a two hour show that should have taken 30 minutes. We will push back our next published show to give our audience a chance to record a short message about your experience with Colin. He was to be a part of the episode Masks, but wasn’t up for recording. I find it ironic because he was wearing masks that I couldn’t see through or hear his screams for help. Record something small and reply to this message and I will put those recordings before the recorded show. Please try to do so as soon as you can.  Send your message and/or audio file to and we will place it on the recording.

Colin, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for a pint in your time of need. You protected our show a few times and I know you will continue to be a part of it in spirit. Help guide me to continue to make something that made you proud. You visited just the Battle Bridge up to 30 times over the years and the final three recordings you were scheduled will be dedicated to your memory, even with a moment of silence. I don’t know if you were religious, but if you were, I pray your God and mine, will have mercy on your soul and allow you a place in his kingdom. As Tuvok said once, may you find peace in death, that you couldn’t find in life.

Thank you everyone. God bless Colin and God bless you all.


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