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Favourite Trek Series:DS9 for me has the perfect balance of characters and stories. It also portrays humans and Star Fleet/ The Federation in the most realistic way. The regular extras on the show really added depth and scale to the series. DS9 had a great mixture between individual episodes and multiple episode story arcs.

Favourite Captain:Captain Archer or Sisko but leaning more towards Archer. Out of the 5 series captains I would say Archer developed the most especially since the series only ran for 4 short seasons. For me Archer had a fantastic relationship with his crew on a professional and personal level.

Favourite Ship:The Enterprise NCC-1701D I think out of all the ships it is the most futuristic in aesthetics and concept. It also has the most interesting varieties of rooms/decks and the bridge looks incredibl,e especially in the film Generations. No other ship was able to replicate the majestic feel of the Enterprise D. The E was a great looking ship from the outside but never had the same unique feel inside.

Favourite Episode:Star Trek Voyager Timeless. It has a great story as I’m a sucker for anything to do with time travel. The concept is really interesting and it combines all my favourite things about Star Trek in one episode- adventure, technology (the slip stream drive looked amazing) and a strong well written story.

Favourite non-regular character: My choice here is based on the actor rather than character as I think anything he does is incredible. If I had to pick one character from Jeffrey Combs substantial Star Trek repertoire, it would be Weyoun. However, Liquidator Brunt and Commander Shran would be a close 2nd and 3rd.

What I would like to see in a new series: I would love to see a series based upon a Time Ship. Episodes could focus on any previous time period so we could see multiple ships and crews and even focus on stories post TNG (imagine an episode where the focus was on the USS Titan and we get to see Riker as the captain and meet his crew and ship).

About me: I live, work and was born in Edinburgh, I have a fabulous fiancée called Emma. We have recently bought our first flat and have a great time decorating and filling it full of rubbish.
I work as a graphic/web designer as well as doing some teaching work in magazine and digital publishing. I first became obsessed with Star Trek when I was about 13-14 when Deep Space 9 & Voyager were still on the air. Since then I have watched every season and every film many times. I have from time to time taken a break from Star Trek but I have always come back.

Aside from working and watching Star Trek, I love listening to music on my 70′s amplifier and record deck, photography and anything that involves playing with our puppy Sprocker Spaniel Pixel.

Twitter: @paulvfinch

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