I Believe In The Star Trek Future

Starfleet_Academy,_In_the_FleshEnvision:  Peace between all mankind; enough food and accommodation for everyone that needs it; a society that encourages everyone to explore whatever life they want; and children taught to care for the environment they live in and to reach for the stars. This is the future that Star Trek has always portrayed.  It’s a vision that has given us all hope for our future.

However, we are currently stuck in a rut.  We live in a world where corporations rule with an iron fist that never loosens their grip around our throats, choking us for everything that they can get.

We live in a world where millions are starving every day, countless are dying from curable diseases every day, billions are working long exhausting hours simply to ensure that their is food on the table and a roof above their heads. We live in a world where its resources are squandered and its wildlife killed as our environment gets raped for everything it’s worth.



740916104_1360443313When a corporation is making any product, whether it is T-shirts, phones or cars, do you think they are trying to make something that is to the highest quality possible and will last for years to come? No, they want to keep costs down. They want to manufacture something on which they can make the highest profit possible and they want it to break within a year or two.  Why? Because they want you to buy another one, and another one, and another one, and another one.

There are plenty of cures for illnesses and diseases out there that are simply being held back.  Why? Because pharmaceutical companies make more money from treating an illness than preventing it.  The last thing drug manufacturers want is a cure for cancer! After all, if everybody is well, then to whom would you sell tablets?

We still live in a world where we are deeply dependant on burning as many fossil fuels as we can, simply because there is no really viable alternative…or so we are told.


Skuthan-ZeitgeistAddendum402We have the technical capabilities to power the entire world with renewable energy forever!

That’s by only by harnessing the smallest fraction of the potential energy that is available to us.

We have enough knowledge about hydroponics and aeroponics to ensure that there is an abundance of food for every living being on the planet.

We have enough knowledge in robotics to make the majority of jobs in the world automated, leaving pointless jobs a thing of the past.

All we need to do is abolish the fictional crap that is money. Money is made out of thin air by governments, banks and federal reserves at the press of a button. It doesn’t really exist!

Money may have been relevant when resources where scarce, but we have a world where scarcity is  falsely created by companies to ensure the maximisation of profits. Resources and knowledge are constantly being held back to ensure that we are all kept in line.

Without money, food production would be of nothing but the highest quality, promoting nothing but the best nutrition without any harmful additives such as corn syrup and bad calories that currently cause so many health issues just because they are cheaper to produce.

GLOBE6Without our primary goals being to earn money to simply live, our children can thrive and grow to levels of knowledge and understanding that would never have been possible before.  Since they don’t have to settle for a boring mundane job, they can truly reach for any goal they desire.

I recently had my eyes opened by a series of films, lectures and written pieces that are nothing less than inspiring.  The Zeitgeist Movement is promoting the solutions that we all so desperately need to these and so many more problems within our society.  I do not claim to know everything, but I am on a journey of discovery and I implore you all to join me on this journey of enlightenment.
Please be open minded and break the chains that bind us to this truly depressing way of life.  Begin your journey simply by watching these movies:- The Zeitgeist Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, or download them for free at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

And by visiting these sites:


Or follow @TZMglobal on Twitter

We are all a part of the Zeitgeist movement whether you know it or not. Once you have started your journey, promise me you will do one simple thing… Tell everbody.

I believe in the Star Trek future.  Let’s make it so!

Author: Wayne Emery

Host of The Trek Mate Podcast & founder of The Trek Mate Family Network

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  1. Totally agree.
    Mr. Data,…Engage!

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  2. I have to say I hadn’t seen these films but you raise alot of points I agree with.

    Going to watch one tonight, its free after all

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  3. Yes! I totally agree and very interesting

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