How would you end a topic? We end A vs. B. Podcast #178

Oh boy the end of a topic. Tonight we conclude our How Would A Deal With B? We may have had too much fun pairing Garak with Sulu, so please forgive us, but at least we had the decency to leave out the question about the Gay Klingon.. We pondered how that would go in a race of warriors. But again, Lou decided it might have been going a little two far and we are not out to offend, so it hit the cutting room floor, aka Audacity’s delete key..
We continue our Public Service Announcement for a problem that plagues a lot of Federation people. Check it out.
Next week we will continue our engineers corner question. The question is about a transporter mistake. Submit your question for a futures Engineer’s Corner.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: # 23 “Nothing is more important than your health … except for your money.“

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Trek News and Views, a Star Trek Podcast.
The Delta Quadrant, a Star Trek: Voyager Podcast.

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