Hollow Pursuits, TNG S3 E21 Review, The Battle Bridge

STOP!!  The original file for this show was mixed wrong.  If your copy of the show is screwed up, it’s very obvious.  Just re-download the show and get the updated version.

Lieutenant Barclay, an introverted diagnostic engineer, is having difficulties dealing with his fantasies.

Lou’s addition: Really? That’s it. What Memory-Alpha forgot to mention is that LaForge is a shitty boss in this one. Even Picard has a slip of the tounge and Counselor Troi looks hotter than I’ve ever seen her up to this point. Oh and there is a real threat to the enterprise as well….let’s not forget to mention that.

Today James and Lou discuss (Hollow Pursuits) and what we think of it and much more as well as listener feedback with tonight’s guest host Chris, Upper Pylon 2, Johnson.

Credit: Main Title Theme (TV Edit) was arranged by Dennis McCarthy and composed by Gerry Goldsmith and Alexander Courage

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