Here’s one you might have missed. Introducing Bryan Detamore. Show #182

We didn’t want you to be too lonely, so here is something you might have missed. Want to see how terrible we were in the early days? Let’s relive the first time we met Bryan Detamore, which was before the Android, Brian Baker, came to us. Let’s relive show number 5 where Lou was the only hack. Guests for this show were Paul Sylvester,
PLEASE NOTE… The forum mentioned are no longer in service. It has been replaced by Trek Mate’s forum, Trek Mate Forums.
This is the show that I had to stop recording to ask Bryan what he means by he is a Klingon.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: # “Not given at the time.“

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Paul’s Tech Talk, formerly Tech Link Blog.

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here.

Here is the original wordpress post.

Welcome to the Lou Trek Show
Show Number 5 for Tuesday May 12, 2009.

Show Discussion: Star Trek 2009 Movie Review, Part 1.
Show Topic: No time for any other topic.

Guests on the show were: Paul and Bryan

Special Tribute: DeForest Kelly.

Independent Artist Music, “A Song For You,” By 3 Day Meat Sale.
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You can download the Audio only MP3 By clicking here.
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Or you are welcome to watch it here.

Come back next week for Post-Movie reviews. If you want to be a part of the round table review of the movie, send an email to

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