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Alright ladies and gentlemen,

My contribution to this Feature section will be a semi regular (Read: When I
could be bothered) feature where I create and give an overview of a potential
new series. These will all take into account various actor ages and just assume
they are keen to play roles.

Hopefully this will be an interesting read from week to week or however
frequently I do it.

Our first new Series is:

Star Trek: New Frontier.

Loosely based on the Peter David book series, this show would pick up about
twenty years after the end of Deep Space 9. It’d be in the prime universe, but still
acknowledge some elements of the ’09 film.


USS Excalibur – New class designed for the time period.

Premise – in the pilot episode teaser the destruction of Romulus that was
mentioned in Star Trek ’09 would occur. After the credits scene we’d see
Mackenzie Calhoun (a war hero that united an entire sector of space after a
similar catastrophe years earlier) take command of a new vessel and assigned to
stabilize the former Romulan sector which, in the three months since the teaser,
has degenerated into one of the most dangerous and hotly contested regions in
the Alpha Quadrant with various factions all vying for control.
Series explores the oft neglected Romulans.

Ships crew:

Captain: Mackenzie Calhoun – Played by Either David Boreanez or Nathan

The most hotheaded captain since Kirk.
Often shoots first and asks questions later.
Chronicled above.

First Officer: Commander Paul Robinson

Cantankerous older officer. Served in Starfleet for four decades. Often tells old
war stories. End of Season 1 when something HUGE is happening.
Calhoun “Doesn’t this remind you of anything?”
Robinson “Nope. Never seen ANYTHING like this before.”

Federation Ambassador/Diplomatic Officer: Commander Saavik –

Played by an uncharacteristically thin Kirstie Alley

Turns out she had in fact been married to Spock. Retired from Starfleet several
decades earlier and moved into diplomacy. After the “loss” of her husband comes
out of retirement and requests assignment so she can try and contribute to the
restoration of a region Spock wanted to re-unify with Vulcan.

Security Chief/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Zak Kebron

Played by someone tall and well built. Requires a LOT of prosthetics.

A male member of the Brikar race. Essentially a Rock skinned humanoid, like
Marvel Comics’ The Thing. Very dry sense of humour. Formidable warrior.

Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Lon

Cheerful Bolian Doctor.
Often speaks of his wife and co-husband back on Bolias.

Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Yara “DM” Dos Mattias

Human Female of Brazilian descent.
Not quite stereotypical south American temperament. As a result often clashes
with Calhoun over how hard he pushes the ship and the risks he takes.

Operations Officer: Lieutenant Commander Mark McHenry

Human with Eidetic memory that also happens to be incredibly laid back to the
point where he often operates with his eyes closed in almost trance like state.
Knows ship so well he can operate almost entirely by feel.

Conn officer: Ensign Miral Paris

Inherited her fathers piloting skill and mothers temper. Look for guest spots/
mentions of her parents. Unresolved tension with Lt. Kebron – possible romantic
storyline in later seasons.


Author: JD

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  1. Great concept. I love the New Frontier books and this would be a great way to continue the series.

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