Encounter at Farpoint, TNG S1E1. The Battle Bridges maiden voyage.

Here’s a new show for you. The Battle Bridge is going to be a weekly Star Trek: The Next Generation podcast where we will review and defend the constitution of TNG. All episodes in the order Memory Alpha says there were in, all movies in the order we all know they are in and everything else TNG. News and information, TNG Trek Birthdays and many other things.

In our maiden voyage we review Season 1 Episode 1 Part 1, Encounter at Farpoint. The cool hairdos of the Bandi, the Q and the Mystery surrounding the Farpoint station, such as it is. We already have part 2 recorded and will be out next week. We don’t have our RSS feed up running yet because we’re waiting for our permanent home at Trek Mate for the show, but we will be there soon.

This show is a proud member of the Trek Mate Family Network, home of the best Star Trek Podcasts, such as Previously in the Alpha Quadrant Podcast at Previously in the Alpha Quadrant: A Star Trek: Enterprise Podcast
Please visit TrekMateFamily.com

Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Lou Trek Show Podcast.
The Gamma Quadrant, a Star Trek: DS9 Podcast.

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here.

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  1. Yes! At last a podcast dedicated solely to TNG!
    This is the format I look for in a Trek podcast: Episode-by-episode reviews in the correct order.
    That’s why I love listening to “The Delta Quadrant” and “Gamma Quadrant” – they do justice to each episode of Voyager and DS9 respectively.

    I may have to embark on a TNG rewatch just so I can listen to this podcast as an aftershow discussion!

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