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Favourite Trek Series: It is hard for me to pick a series as I tend to like different characters from all series. I love Picard and Data so would have to with TNG, oh and because the uniforms are colourful!!

Favourite Captain: As I have said before think it has to be Picard, and no its not because I have some kind of Picard crush its just cause he is pretty cool and gets on well with everyone and can give them a row but still be their friend in the end.

Favourite Ship: Have to say that I don’t have a favourite as its something that I have never really looked at or thought about, sorry!

Favourite Episode: Data’s Day for sure! Love how its funny with him and his abnormalities and still has the trials and tribulations of problems in space

Favourite non-regular character: Can I say Spot as it’s the cutest cat ever!

About me: I live in Edinburgh and have been with Paul Finch of PITAQ fame for 7 years and am trying to plan our upcoming wedding! I am a former TV editor who changed career to work as a support worker with young people during the day and subjected to Star Trek at night. Resident quiz master on PITAQ and Star Trek Noob! And of course I am mummy to puppy Pixel!

Twitter: @emmamfinch

Find me on: Previously In The Alpha Quadrant

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Author: Paul Finch

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