Androids and a tax you have to hear to believe. Podcast #184

Tonight our guest, Colin, comes on to discuss Artificial Lifeforms both today and in the Star Trek time frame. We even discuss Dr. Who, or as I call it, Dr. Why Bother. We even reference Star Wars and talk about one of the craziest things Lou’s heard of in a long long time. Death and taxes, the only thing you can’t stop. You’ll never believe what Tax people in the UK pay that we in the US have never heard of. I hope my city’s Mayor doesn’t listen to this show, it just might give him another tax idea.

I’m sorry this show is so late. Our website was re-hacked. Actually it was the same hack that occurred earlier it just showed it’s ugly head. We will discuss this in the next couple episodes, but the site is clean and fresh. Our thanks go out to Robbie of Category 5. This show was already done before we were alerted to the virus and before Robbie helped me, but we will discuss it on the next recorded show in the next few days.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: #3 “Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to..“

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