Voyager Re-Imagined Part 1: Enter The Maquis By Renee Roberts & Rick Austin

We know the story: The Maquis raider ship Val Jean entered the Badlands and was swept up into the Delta Quadrant, soon to be pursued by Starfleet’s USS Voyager. It wasn’t the first appearance of the Maquis, but it was the most important for the Star Trek franchise.

When Chakotay and his crew were brought in to be a part of the Voyager team, we saw some initial signs of dissent, but it never led to much. However, what if there had been a very different crew in the Val Jean, with only B’Elanna Torres, Seska and undercover Starfleet officer Tuvok remaining of those we know? Before it’s time to set the stage, let’s first introduce the new Maquis players from the Val Jean for a very different take on Star Trek: Voyager:

Calvin HudsonLt. Cmdr. Calvin Hudson (DS9): A former Starfleet officer and friend of Ben Sisko, Hudson leads his crew in the Val Jean into the Badlands, replacing Chakotay who was killed whilst on a raid to free Maquis prisoners. Decisive and a tactical genius, he’s a man who never backs down. He forges an uneasy alliance with Captain Janeway as her First Officer. He is a much more forceful personality than Chakotay, but comes to grudgingly respect Janeway’s strengths over time.

SakonnaSakonna (DS9): One of several Maquis rescued by Chakotay in the prison break that cost him his life, this Vulcan woman brings a different form of logic to Voyager than Tuvok’s. They force each other to re-examine  their long-held opinions and attitudes, and gradually grow to respect each other.  She assists the crew with her background in Astrometrics.

Tom_RikerTom Riker (TNG, DS9): Another Maquis rescued in Chakotay’s prison break.  Tom is still in the process of forging his own identity and has the reckless streak that Will Riker has left behind. He’s aggressive and cocky, and a natural at Tactical. He takes a strong liking to Kes, seeing many similarities with Deanna, and has much in common with Tom Paris, whom he forges a friendship with quickly.

Alexander_Rozhenko,_2374Alexander Rozhenko (TNG, DS9): Alexander has suffered from being an outcast in both Klingon and Human societies. Seeking to prove himself in the field of battle, he found a family in the Maquis. With a his old trademark Deputy Sheriff badge his only medal of honour, he finds himself drawn to  Torres as the only other Klingon on board. Torres, in turn, sees much of herself in the younger Klingon, and warms up to him as the younger brother she never had. Naturally he wants to help her in Engineering.

Michael EddingtonLt. Cmdr. Michael Eddington (DS9):  With Voyager missing a head of security, he transfers from DS9 before they leave on temporary reassignment. However, this undercover Maquis sees it as an opportunity to secretly help his comrades.  Upon Voyager being taken to the Delta Quadrant, he keeps his cover intact at first. When Hudson tries to take Voyager early on, he makes his move, but fails after Janeway’s own covert agent Tuvok helps stop the coup. Over the years he clashes with Tuvok repeatedly. Once Seska’s cover drops, he becomes her most bitter enemy.

The Caretaker’s Assistant: Also stranded in the Delta Quadrant, he helps the Caretaker in caring for the Ocampa. He later joins the Voyager crew, but his true identity remains a mystery at first…

This expanded and decentralised cast would create a web of relationships that would differ in many ways from the inter-workings of the Voyager crew we’ve come to know and love, more along the lines of Deep Space Nine. How would this alternate crew come together to form a family? How would they face the challenges awaiting them in the Delta Quadrant? This is what we’ll explore in the segments to come. Join us on the journey, and let’s see what’s out there!

To be continued…

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