Upper Pylon 2 5×19 Ties of Blood and Water

Author: Melissa

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  1. First time commenting. I always loved this Eps but as rewatching the series it’s one of those that I forget is coming up and forget the name but when it starts I just can’t stop watching it and feeling the pain that both Gamar and Kira feel. i rewatched it just recently after loosing my own father this summer and to say this Eps is even more impactful is an understatement. I was a wreck. You said it during the Eps that we are affected differently each time we watch an Eps based on what baggage we may have. Not sure I can get through this one again any time soon. But I felt even more close to Kira after this eps….and I now remember why she became my fav character.
    This is a clear five out of five.

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