Upper Pylon 2 – 3 x 26: The Adversary

This week on UP2, special guest Jason Rogers (aka TheScarletPhantom) joins the UP2 crew as we bid a fond farewell to DS9 Season 3 with “The Adversary”.

The newly-promoted Captain Sisko and the Defiant are sent on an urgent mission to prevent a war with a Tzenkethi. But a certain stowaway wreaks havoc for the crew, and his presence could change the dynamics of the Alpha Quadrant forever.

What do you think of the Season 3 finale? Be sure to let us know with your feedback, and stay tuned next week for the 3rd Seasonal UPee Awards Show!


Author: DeltaQuadrant

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  1. Woot woot! UP2 Awards… Next week!

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