Upper Pylon 2 – 3 x 11: Past Tense, Part I

This week while Chief Medical Officer Blair and Admiral Hansen are on shore leave, the remaining UP2 crew take a look at the first entry into the prophetic “Past Tense” time-traveling two-parter.

While beaming down for an engagement at Starfleet Command, Sisko, Dax and Bashir are accidentally transported to the year 2024 through the magic of time particles, or some such. The year is a volatile period in Earth’s history, with sanctuary districts rounding up and throwing the homeless, jobless, and mentally ill into internment camps. While Sisko and Bashir are taken to a sanctuary district, Dax attempts to reunite with them with the help of a 21st century entrepreneur. Meanwhile, the Defiant crew are desperately trying to locate their missing crewmembers.

Tune in to find out our thoughts, and as always, be sure to leave your thoughts in our feedback section!


Author: DeltaQuadrant

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