Upper Pylon 2 – 2 x 01: The Homecoming

We’re kicking of Deep Space Nine Season 2 this week on Upper Pylon 2, and what better way to inaugurate a new season than with a three-parter? Today, we take a look at the first of 3 chapter-episodes: The Homecoming!

When Kira gets information that indicates that a legendary Bajoran resistance fighter is still alive and being held captive, she must convince Sisko that he may be the best chance at unifying a quickly fracturing Bajor.

But is this a case of the myth being greater than the man? And by rescuing this heroic figure, will Kira and crew kick off a chain of events that was more than they bargained for? Well, considering this is part 1 of 3, you can probably guess that answer. But tune in to hear our take and kick off Season 2 in style!

And of course, be sure to leave us your feedback on the episode!



Author: DeltaQuadrant

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