Upper Pylon 2 – 1 x 14: The Storyteller

This week on UP2, we are down a Chief Medical Officer, which may not be a great thing considering the nausea that arose in a couple hosts in our discussion of this week’s episode “The Storyteller” !

When a Bajoran spiritual leader dies, Chief O’Brien must step into the persona of a television evangelist if he is to save a small Bajoran village from destruction. Meanwhile, negotiations on board DS9 intersect with Jake and Nog for some great character development as well as some horrid guest acting. What will the UP2 crew make of these divergent storylines?

Tune in to find out, and as always, be sure to leave your feedback!

REMINDER: You listeners are getting DOUBLE the UP2 and double the fun going forward. Look for our feedback section mini-podcasts every Saturday!


Author: DeltaQuadrant

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