Upper Pylon 2 – 1 x 13: Battle Lines

Captain’s Log:  Stardate Classified:  Due to a natural disaster, I was away from the station at the time of the recording of this week’s report.  I must confess, I am so incredibly proud of my crew.  I have to give special credit to Crewman Carnivore this week for carrying the philosophical banner of reflection.  Smonskey has also done an excellent job of keeping all in line, and I must admit, even Admiral Hansen seemed to be on his best behavior.  My chief medical officer also fulfilled his role this week, though not quite his usual, cheery self.  Note to self – inquire as to promotion for Crewman from Starfleet in coming weeks.


Tune in listeners,  you won’t be disappointed, I most certainly wasn’t!


Addendum to Captain’s Log:  You will notice there is no feedback section on this episode.  We have decided to release our feedback sections separately, and you can now look forward to a release from UP2 twice a week!  Our feedback podcast will release each Saturday, beginning two days from now with our feedback for DS9’s Nagus.


End Transmission.


Author: DeltaQuadrant

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