TrekMate: In The Wilderness – Episode 30: The Storyteller

O’Brien and Bashir are sent on a relief mission to Bajor in response to a medical emergency. Meanwhile on the station, Sisko plays mediator in a conflict between two rival Bajoran factions, the Paqu and the Navot.

Arriving at the emergency location, Bashir and O’Brien beam to the surface and find no signs of disease; a man called the Sirah is dying, and the village leader believes the entire village will die with him. The Sirah awakens and proclaims that the Prophets have sent O’Brien to the village; he then asks O’Brien and Bashir to leave. Outside, Bashir informs the village leader that the Sirah is dying of natural causes. The man warns the “Dal’Rok” will destroy the village if the Sirah is not able to fend it off, but he does not reveal just what it is.


Author: Paul Finch

Host on PITAQ - Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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