Trek Mate’s April Fool’s Crossover Event!

Did you automatically download what you thought was the wrong podcast?  Did you find different hosts on your favourite Trek Mate podcast? Introducing Trek Mate’s April Fool’s Crossover Event!!!!

The idea for the event came from when Previous in the Alpha Quadrant, Adam & Paul covered the Trek Mate in the Wilderness show a couple of months ago. Sina from Trek Mate’s Ten Forward thought it would be great if everyone all swapped round and thought the team could confuse the listeners for April Fool’s. The listeners would turn on expecting their normal pod but find someone else doing it…

  • The Delta Quadrant crew covered the Lou Trek Show
  • The Lou Trek Show covered The Delta Quadrant Show
  • Marc and Paul from Treknobabble covered the Holodeck
  • The Holodeck covered PITAQ – Matey Trek
  • Wayne from Trek Mate covered the Wilderness Show
  • Fez and JD from the Wilderness covered Treknobabble.
  • Emma and Laura covered the main Trek Mate Show
  • Adam and Paul from PITAQ covered Ten Forward

Here are the hosts and what they thought about taking on other shows.


Which podcast do you normally host?


Sina: I normally host Ten Forward, where I am the lead host/show runner.  I help Michael out with the Holodeck.  Somebody has to keep him and Dave in line on that show.

Michael: I am the host of the Holodeck and co-host with Sina on Ten Forward. I bring order to world of chaos and mayhem that normally comes from working with Dave and Sina or perhaps that is what I like to think….

Paul F: Previously in the alpha quadrant. We normally do a clip based show which can be a really long process Between watching the episode 2 or 3 times, writing notes, recording 2 times a week and then editing. We do this every week and it can take it out of you.

Emma: I usually appear on the PITAQ podcast reading out the quiz and email section and have also started to help the boys review episodes too, well only the fun ones. Paul has put a ban on me recording when it’s a serious episode…..I wonder why!

Fez: We podcast your mothers favourite podcast. The house wives choice, the podcast so sweet it could never be sour we are Trek Mate: In The Wilderness

Wayne: Trek Mate

Lou: I normally host the Lou Trek Show

Marc: Treknobabble

Paul D: Main Trekmate Show, Brace For Impact, Treknobabble

Adam: Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

Melissa: Ben, Geno, Matt, and myself usually host The Delta Quadrant: A Star Trek Voyager Podcast.

Ben: I normally host The Delta Quadrant.

Laura: I don’t usually host a podcast, I’ve been a guest on Ten Forward, The main show and The Holodeck. I’ve done the bumpers for The Holodeck and Ten forward. I am mainly a writer for Trek Mate, but live doing the podcasts!


Which podcast did you do for the cross over?

pitaqSina: Michael, Dave and I hosted Matey Trek, and we reviewed an episode of Dr. Who called “The Eleventh Hour.”  This is the first episode of the Matt Smith Doctor, and with Amy Pond as his companion.

Michael: We suggested Doctor Who since Sina has just started to watch the show while Dave has been watching for the last couple of years and I have been a lifelong fan. We had to find an episode that we could all relate to and we thought this was the perfect show. This is also one of my favourite Matt Smith stories of the Doctor.

Paul F: Ten Forward

trekEmma: I was lucky enough to do the main show for the crossover which was a great thing. I knew that I would struggle to host the show alone so got Laura Fawcett from the Holodeck to come and help me out.

Fez: We did Treknobabble

Wayne: Trek Mate In The Wilderness

Lou: The Delta Quadrant.

Marc: The Holodeck

Paul D: The Holodeck

Adam: Ten Forward

Melissa: For the crossover, we hosted the Lou Trek Show.

Ben: I did The Lou Trek Show for the cross over podcast.

Laura: The main show co-hosting with Emma Whittaker


What did you like about hosting that podcast?

Sina: Like Michael, I liked doing something different than what I usually do.  It makes things interesting.  I also can’t wait to hear/see people’s reactions to the cross over event.

Michael: As Sina said it was a different show for us to record but it was also a nice experience since we were doing something other than Star Trek. Any chance to record with Dave and Sina is special and we had some great fun with this show.

treknoPaul F: Doing a different podcast with different sections was a huge breath of fresh air. I loved the format and would love to more chat based shows as well as clip shows.

Emma: I loved the organisation of the podcast, booking the guest of the week and talking to so many different people too. The topic of the week was a great discussion and with the other guest that came on it was great to chat about the topics with them.

Fez: We got to watch transformers

Wayne: I loved having the opportunity to sit down and watch an episode of Trek with Matt and Jon, it was great fun to just chit chat whilst enjoying some good DS9.

Lou: TDQ is one of my most favourite podcasts. I really like the commentary format of Star Trek to compare my views with others. TDQ hosts a terrific commentary format that is funny and informative at the same time. That and they truly appreciate their audience and even allow, and almost beg, for the audience to participate.

Marc: It was an interesting challenge talking about comics which is a medium with which I am not too familiar

Paul D: A bit different

Adam: Was nice to focus on several Star Trek episodes rather than the one episode throughout the duration of the show.  As well as getting a break from Enterprise.

Melissa: It was very challenging.  We usually have a clip format which leads us through our conversations.  This conversation required a lot of our being able to play off of one another and try to stay “in character” for our Lou Trek Show roles.  There was a lot of laughter and a lot of takes to get this done.  I think we all have a greater appreciation for the LTS hosts.

Ben: I enjoyed stepping out of our usual format and challenging ourselves to be creative. I also enjoyed staying in character throughout the entire podcast.

Laura: I loved hosting with Emma because she’s great, I loved talking about Voyager because that’s my favourite series and interviewing Raules was fun. I just generally liked spicing up the main show, people seem to like Emma and I.


How did you prepare for that podcast?

Sina: To prepare for the episode, I had to watch the episode a few times.

imagePaul F: Lee sent us his 5 episodes and over a week we watched them. We didn’t take any notes as the chat was going to be really informal and relaxed.

Emma: I am a fan of the main show and loved being able to do the segments which made the recording easy as I didn’t need to struggle to think how to fill the time.

I was so lucky to get Raules Davies, CBS Action’s Trekologist as my guest and this made the guest of the week topic so great to record.

Fez: Put the DVD in and pressed play

Wayne: I prepared in true wilderness fashion… Five minutes before recording.

Lou: I have been listening to TDQ since about ten shows into their run, so I am very familiar with their format. When we set out to do their show, we listened intently to how they put the segments and clips together and simply performed the script I prepared in the same style they would if they recorded the show. We, however, threw references to our show as if we were on the outside looking into the Lou Trek Show. We also talked about past TDQ recordings that “WE” had previously done.

Marc: I prepared by first reading the comics through in their entirety then by reading them again and taking notes and jotting down thoughts as I went.

Paul D: I read a comic.

Adam: Preparation included watching the episodes chosen for the podcast, reading up on memory alpha & making notes.

Melissa: I think we prepared by listening to the LTS as well as decided which roles each of us would have.  We came up with a topic for discussion, and Geno and I created the “Pon Farr” PSA which was used in the show.

Ben: We prepared quite unprofessionally, but what else is new. We had a few staff meetings to decide on a topic and create a pon farr PSA. Then we just flew by the seat of our pants and did the best we could. It was quite a challenge.

Laura: I knew what I wanted to talk about two weeks before I always re watch the episodes I talk about and I prepared some questions for Raules and worked with Emma and Raules to perfect them for the show. I basically just do my research.


Did you find anything difficult about doing the different podcast?


Sina: There wasn’t anything difficult about hosting Matey Trek, it was just different.

Paul F: Not really; I am a big fan of the show, I think Michael and Sina make one of the best Trek podcasts out there.

Emma: I think that since it was a broad range of discussion I didn’t really find anything hard, for me taking trek is hard in general as I am not a huge fan like the rest of the guys but having Laura there really helped me out with that part and I owe her a huge thanks for that.

Fez: It’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as us. But no it wasn’t difficult at all.

Wayne: No. I’ve always loved what JD and Fez do, so I thought I would try to remain fairly true to their example.

Lou: No. It was very much like doing ours. Used the same programs to record, edit and splice together. The only addition was the drop box for transmitting it.

Marc: Difficulties came from talking about comics themselves, as I said I’m not familiar with comics so it was tricky to talk about them.

Paul D: I don’t like comics so it was a bit tricky.

Adam: No, I have been a guest on several other podcasts and knew the format well.

Melissa: As I said, It was definitely challenging for us to come up with a discussion we felt would be entertaining for everyone to listen to.  I think it was good for us, though.  And the editing process is truly magical!

Ben: The most difficult thing about doing a different podcast was trying to emulate the feel of the normal show. We tried to stay funny and entertaining which was definitely a personal challenge as I am not known to be a funny person.

Laura: Nope it was great fun and it’s always quite easy, though I had so technical problems but we managed!


Was there anything you didn’t like?

deltaquadrant300Sina: We don’t do clips or reviews per se on Ten Forward, and we had to talk about clips from the episode which we had not just listened to….so it was a bit confusing.  It was all good fun though.  We had a great time recording the show.

Paul F: No, I would like to do it again.

Emma: Nope

Fez: Knowing that someone else was doing our podcast for us.

Wayne: Knowing that someone else had the reins on my show. Though thankfully Emma done a great job.

Lou: Not didn’t like, but more apprehension. Mike Smith of the Mike Tech Show, at, did one April Fools Gag show in his many years of podcasting. A few years back his wife Dorothy recorded a cat show. She announced she was tired of tech and wanted to talk about cats. She even went so far to say that the show’s format had been changed to all about cats. Mind you she dated the show for April 1, so it should have been a big clue. The result was some serious angry feedback. They received hate mail for the first time ever. People were really put off by it and didn’t like it in the least. The reason I agreed to take this risk is because the format is still the same, Star Trek. It’s still our same format of our same shows, only the voices have changed. TDQ did our show exactly as we would, and we did their show exactly as they would, so in the end, only the voices and names of the people will have them scratching their heads. The likeliness of the audience feeling betrayed is much lower the way this was done.

Marc: Nothing I didn’t like, it was an interesting challenge.

Paul D: Comics

Adam: No I really enjoyed the crossovers it was a nice mix up.

Melissa: N/A

Ben: The only thing I didn’t like about doing the crossover is I am fairly sure I was a complete hack.

Laura: Nope I loved every minute of it, was a great idea to have me and Emma co-host and Bunny was a good guest as well as Raules, nothing to complain about really!


Thanks to everyone that took part and helped with this article.

Marc Stamper

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Trek geek extrordinaire and the TrekMate tech wizard. Always liked Trek but when TNG started here in the UK I fell in love and have not looked back since. Podcaster since January 2012

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