Trek Mate: A Star Trek Podcast – Episode 22: Star Trek… You Are My Sunshine

In this weeks episode we ask ourselves the question “Why do we love Star Trek?” so expect digressions a plenty :) We treat you to all our usual segments, so catch up on this weeks news and get ready for Trivia galore!

Paul Finch

Author: Paul Finch

Host on PITAQ - Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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  1. I agree with both of you! I’m Bloody sick of Reboots, Redos, Remakes or Whatever they call them! I watched 2009 trek movie hated it! And if the new one is Space Seed Redone, I won’t go see it!! We need Joss Whedon to do Trek TV or Trek movies! Abrams is the Ruination of Star Trek! I have caught a lot of Flak about how it has created new fans! Hogwash! A well Done Continuation of Any Timeline would do the same thing. Rant Over. Love Your Podcasts!

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    • I’d have to respectfully disagree with you William…I quite enjoyed the 2009 reboot, though I admit I was skeptical at first. TOS is my first love and I was doubtful that J. J. Abrams could do a reboot and do it well. When I finally did see it (after it came out on DVD), I was pleasantly surprised. The thing I was most afraid of was that they wouldn’t get Spock right…but they did. The way Spock was played was just right…Zachary Quinto’s performance was spot-on. Especially in the scene at the beginning where he’s telling the Vulcan Science Academy he’d rather attend the Federation Academy. The way his last line, “Live Long and Prosper” was delivered, it was if Spock was giving a subtle little “eff you!” to the VSA.

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