The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So

The Star Trek Craft Book - Make it SoA collection of twenty-five fun and unique Star Trek–inspired crafts – from accessories to decor to toys – ideal for enterprising crafters of every skill level.

Featuring full-colour photographs and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, this clever craft book puts a fresh spin on Captain Picard’s order to “make it so.” Now crafters of any skill level and Starfleet rank can create homemade Star Trek–inspired crafts.

These featured projects are fun, quirky, even practical – and include crocheting, embroidery, sewing, decoupage, stenciling, felting, and more. Detailed photographs of each completed craft are accompanied by an introduction, clear instructions, a list of supplies, and helpful crafting tips. Information and images from the original Star Trek episodes that inspired the crafts are intermingled throughout, making it an entertaining and instructive read.

Written by Angie Pedersen, The Star Trek Craft Book has 176 pages and is available on 30th April, 2013 US and 9th May, 2013 UK.

Pre-order now from Amazon UK for £11.69

Pre-order now from Amazon US for $12.99

Marc Stamper

Author: Marc Stamper

Trek geek extrordinaire and the TrekMate tech wizard. Always liked Trek but when TNG started here in the UK I fell in love and have not looked back since. Podcaster since January 2012

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