The Delta Quadrant 7 x 19 – Author, Author

This week on TDQ, a very special returning guest, Justin from the Trekoff Podcast, joins the crew as we take a look at “Author, Author,” or as many people may remember this episode, “The Measure of a Man 2.0”. But does the episode deserve that moniker?

The Doctor uses the Voyager crew as templates for a holonovel wherein the main character is a hologram serving on board an abusive starship lost in the Delta Quadrant. When the real Voyager crew gets wind of this, tensions between the Doctor and the crew rise.

The Doc soon realizes that he may have gotten more than he bargained for when his rights as a person are challenged in the Alpha Quadrant.

Lots of laughs, debates, and philosophical discussions abound in this episode. Be sure to let us know what YOU thought!





Author: DeltaQuadrant

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