The Delta Quadrant 7 x 09 & 10 – Flesh and Blood

The wait is over…and we have an almost THREE hour show for you this week as returning guest CarnivoreJ joins us to discuss the two-part extravaganza Flesh and Blood.

We start off in the jungle, as Hirogen hunters have become the hunted. Is this Platoon? Is this Predator? No, it’s the attack of the Holograms! That’s right, this is the holographic revolution episode, and an important step in the Doctor’s character development. Will he decide to take up arms with his fellow holograms, and will he be prepared for the consequences if he does?

Tune in to find out, and as always, be sure to leave us your feedback!

As promised, we also have a double feedback section this week to catch up on all your posts!



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