The Delta Quadrant – 5×13 – Gravity

We are joined this week by the famed Commander Firbob to discuss Vulcans, love and the finer points of crab spiders. Give a listen to Firbob’s brain child Pathfinder…teasers available on all Trekmate feeds…and join in on the fun. We read feedback for Latent Image with minor temporal disruptions and keep a close ear out for that scooby doo scream. Just a warning for all the audiophiles out there, this episode is a bit rough, your patience and forgiveness is appreciated.

Author: Paul Finch

Host on PITAQ - Previously in the Alpha Quadrant

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  1. Thanks for another insighful discussion ‘me Trek-maties’!

    I agree with Ben’s assertion that Tuvok’s experiences in this episode must’ve changed him. Were he to have another “affaire de coeur” in the future, it would be *logical* for him to change his behaviour in light of his experience with Nosh. After all, it’s *logical* to take a different approach to a problem when your original response fails.

    Having said that, Melissa and ‘Liverpudlian Paul’ are also right; these experiences did not make Tuvok a more emotional being or change his worldview. The changes he experiences here could be compared to the Doc adding new subroutines to his programme. Tuvok aquired new social skills to be employed when appropriate.

    Morally, he made the right choice in not succumbing to his attraction for Noss and I felt it was sleazy of Tom to encourage Tuvok to gratify his baser instincts. This might sound rich coming from someone with my username but self-control is one the Vulcan virtues I admire.

    Regarding the cast, I found Lori Petty’s Noss to be more scary than sympathetic. She has creepy eyes and gave off a ‘bunny boiler’ vibe. Tim Russ’s performance was the stand out for me. This was the first episode I really began to have an appreciation for Tuvok as a character. Before this, I saw him as ‘Spock-the lesser’. After this episode, he became my fourth favourite Voyager character (after Janeway, the Doctor and Seven) and my favourite Vulcan (yes I prefer him to Spock!).

    Anyway, look forward to more Voyager discussion!
    Sincerely Aroused,

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