Ten Forward:Episode 25:Chaotica AKA Rick’s Island

This week in our 25th show we have Rick Austin on the show discussing his Desert Island Trek which includes some interesting choices. Also we discuss the latest news & tell you last weeks quiz answers.

Rick Austin

TOS A Piece of the Action
TNG Remember Me
DS9 Far Beyond the Stars
Voy Year of Hell
TNG The Drumhead

Rick can be found on twitter: @EvolvedRick
or at Trek Mate Features


Author: Sina Alvarado

I live in Houston, Texas, and while I don’t own or ride a horse, I do occasionally say “Y’all” and even “All Y’all.” I am married and have one daughter. I started watching Trek regularly with TNG and got absolutely hooked after watching “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Trek has been a big part of my life ever since then and I am happy to share my love for it with all y’all.

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