Ten Forward: Episode 203 – Babylon 5 Talk

Ten Forward Episode 203 – Babylon 5 Talk

No Sina again. QueenKatBlue has QueenKatGone , so that means no Trek Talk today.

Instead we talk about a TV series that is widely regarded (even by Trek fans) to be better than Star Trek! Ye we are talking Babylon 5 written (almost entirely) by J Michael Straczynski, who described it as a 5 year novel, it is unique in Sci Fi history to tell a story from start to finish throughout its 5 season run.

Great characters performed by great actors within a space station that could really work in space, with space ships that conformed to Newtonian Physics all kept it believable.

Joining Firbob on this Trek through the Babylon Universe is his podcasting buddy from Sci Fi Waffle, Shawn Vanderloo and Podcasting legend and all round funny guy (on Twitter at least) Colin Higgins from the Trek News and Views podcast amongst others.

Apologies for the sound quality, as this podcast was plagued by technical difficulties which meant a major editing session was needed to make sense of it.

I hope this does not stop you from enjoying what was an enjoyable episode to record despite the technical hitches.

Colin can be found on Twitter @colmh01 and on Trek News and Views podcast

Paul can be found @firbob1 and the Sci Fi Waffle podcast

Shawn can be found @darthvaderloo or on The Rusted Robot and Sci Fi Waffle podcasts


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Jarman can be found @HistrionicSpock

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