Ten Forward: Episode 194 – Underrated Trek (Warning Adult Content)

Ten Forward: Episode 194 – Underrated Trek (Warning Adult Content)

Usually Ten Forward is Family Friendly but be warned this episode is not!

The Kat, El Pres and The Pinecone are joined by Positively Nerdy Ryan Porter to discuss an underrated episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Penises. But instead they get side tracked and talk about;

Star Wars


Dick….. Grayson

Kieran McDuff’s 2 inch post!



Preparation for podcasts


Oh and in the bloopers they do some feedback featuring penises.

Hope you enjoy it. Normal service will resume next week. (Whatever normal is in Ten Forward!)


Chris and be found on the interwebs @ChrisCanyFly because he can’t

Sina can be found falling off peoples roofs in Texas @queenkatblue

Paul can be found editing podcasts @firbob1

Evil Dan couldn’t be found this week but is @dlevitt79

Jarman can be found at his new girlfriend’s house @HistrionicSpock


Please pop over to Positivelynerdy.com and listen to Ryan Porter, sometimes with his wife Leah, as they do proper podcasts about comics and films. Ryan actually prepares for that podcast! (Unlike this one.)

Is anyone actually reading this? If you are please like, tweet, Facebook message or email us to get Chris to read The Star Trek, Green Lantern comic crossover.

The show can be found on Twitter @TenForward1701 and Facebook search for Ten Forward Pod.

Email tenforward@gmail.com us or post a comment on the Trekmate Forum www.trekmate.org.uk/tenforward

Or just shout out of your window PENIS… very loudly.



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