Ten Forward: Episode 192 – The Killing Joke

Ten Forward: Episode 192 – The Killing Joke

The Pinecone and El Pres are left alone with the keys to the bar. So guess what…. Yep you guessed it… they don’t pull up a chair and talk Trek. This week’s diversion is all about BATMAN!

With a new straight to Blu-Ray, animated version of the classic Batman, The Killing Joke the boys review the very graphic novel and discuss all things Batman.

Oh and in the bloopers they talk sportsball.

Hope you enjoy it. Normal service will resume next week.


Chris and be found on the interwebs @ChrisCanyFly because he can’t

Sina can be found fixing peoples roofs in Texas @queenkatblue

Paul can be found driving around the UK in his new car @firbob1

Evil Dan can be found on vacation slumber @dlevitt79

Jarman can be found at A Play on Nerds @HistrionicSpock


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