Ten Forward: Episode 182 – Book Club – Q In-Law

Ten Forward: Episode 182 – Book Club – Q In-Law

A Pinecone, An Avacardo, El Ottro and the Evil One all walk into a bar. After a few drinks they start to talk about Star Trek the Next Generation book, Q In-Law by Peter David.

Only to be interrupted by an buffalo wing eating, beer drinking, drunken Colorado resident who has one or two opinions about the book!

Hilarity ensues, STDs are discussed, topless men tweeting are discussed… oh and yes we also discuss the book.


Sina can be found running around Texas trying to be Tony Stark @queenkatblue

Paul can be found driving around the UK in his new car @firbob1

Evil Dan can be found in a drunken slumber @dlevitt79

Scott can be found in Japan but not on the interweb

The show can be found on Twitter @TenForward1701 and Facebook search for Ten Forward Pod.

Email tenforward@gmail.com us or post a comment on the Trekmate Forum www.trekmate.org.uk/tenforward

Or just shout out of your window… very loudly.



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