Ten Forward: Episode 173 – The Top 5 Guinan Episodes & Conversation

Sina made up some excuse about her daughter having a birthday party and handed over the keys to the bar to Firbob and El Galactico Presidente.


Unfortunately she made us promise on pain of.. er… actual pain that we had to talk about Star Trek. So the boys contacted Histrionic Spock to make the show sound professional and we all talked about Guinan for 90 minutes. We eventually chose the official Ten Forward Top Five Guinan Episodes.


Will you pick the same ones we did?

Will you be amazed at how many episodes she was in?


After 90 minutes of the show Jarman had to leave and Firbob and El Pres had a chat for an hour about Cars, Wives and football (that’s Soccer to you Yankees). Listen if you dare.


This episode was due to air next week but was pulled, kicking and screaming into this week. This means the end of the show makes no sense… and I don’t mean the chat!!


Sina can be found in a mental institute for the hard of parenting @queenkatblue

Paul can be found watching the Chicago Bears and crying @firbob1

Chris can be found walking as he still can’t fly @ChrisCantFly

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