Ten Forward Episode #165 – The Red Shirt Diaries

This week Sina is joined by Ashley Robinson and Jason Inman, creators of The Red Shirt Diaries.  If you haven’t watched The Red Shirt Diaries, go RIGHT NOW to TheRedShirtDiaries.com to watch the episodes that have released, then come back and listen to the podcast.

Ashley and Jason give us teasers of what is coming for Season 2 of The Red Shirt Diaries, as well as some thoughts about what happened behind the scenes.  They also discuss their favorite TOS episodes and toss in their two cents for their Desert Island Trek episodes.

If you would like to find out more about The Red Shirt Diaries, well then, go to TheRedShirtDiaries.com.  Ashley and Jason can also be reached on Twitter at @ashleyvrobinson and @jawiin.  Or you can subscribe to their youtube channel at youtube.com/jawiin.

Usual places:

@queenkatblue; complaints to @firbob1; Batman or Star Wars comments to @chriscantfly

@tenforward1701, trekmatetenforward@gmail.com, facebook.com/tenforwardpod


Red Shirt 1



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