Ten Forward Episode #163 – Darrell Taylor Returns

Darrell Taylor makes his long awaited return to the bar to discuss Romluans, Klingons and favourite “in the titles” characters.
Warning! despite Sina and Chris both being on the show, it contains NO bloopers, honestly, there was nothing bloopable in the show at all, I was amazed, sure there is the odd flubbed word and stuff, but nothing that would be considered worthy of a blooper reel, hopefully this doesn’t mean that the next recorded has double the bloopers, but if it does, I’m not editing it so I don’t really care.


Darrell’s podcast empire can be found here¬†http://taylornetworkofpodcasts.com/
Darrell himself is on twitter https://twitter.com/theVoice123

Chris and Sina can be found via smoke signals and shouting very loudly,




Author: TenForward

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