Ten Forward Episode #150 – Techno Crikey!

Join Sina and her harem of co-hosts at the bar as we discuss favorite moments over the last 50 episodes on this 3rd (gasp) anniversary of the Ten Forward podcast.

Make sure you listen to the bloopers.  Why?  1.  Three Random Words and 2.  Techno Crikey!

Usual places:

@queenkatblue, @chriscantfly, @firbob1, @mhansen0207, @histrionicspock, @tenforward1701

trekmatetenforward@gmail.com & www.facebook.com/TenForwardPod





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  1. Hi my name is Jason Edwards I live in north wales I think ten forward is amazing I have been listening since the team boring v team awesome episode have you thought of doing a team awesome vs team Babylon 5

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    • That would be an interesting concept, however at least 1/2 of Team Awesome have never watched Babylon 5, but I can see some merit in a DS9 – B5 discussion

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