Ten Forward Episode #143 – Takedown!

This week, Sina, Paul and Scott discuss John Jackson Miller’s first full length Star Trek novel, Takedown.  In this book, which continues from The Fall series we discussed last year (but is a stand alone book), Admiral Will Riker goes rogue (don’t all admirals do this?), and  Jean Luc Picard and Ezri Dax have to stop him.  Why is Riker acting this way?  Will you guess?  Let us know what you think about the book and the podcast.

Usual places:

@queenkatblue, @firbob1, @tenforward1701, trekmatetenforward@gmail.com, facebook.com/TenForwardPod

Scott can be reached here:  jfilmlove.wordpress.com

http://everblueocean.web.fc2.com/englishindex.html  under the nome de plume of DC Graylocke


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