Ten Forward Episode #134 – Scott’s Desert Island Trek Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

This week, Scott joins Sina and Paul to finish talking about his last two Desert Island Trek choices.  Scott shares a very personal reason why one of the episodes is on his list; Sina shares her (dis)like of Bashir, and Paul wants to time travel.  Join us for an interesting discussion and let us know what you think.


Scott can be reached at: jfilmlove.wordpress.com or  http://everblueocean.web.fc2.com/englishindex.html  under the nome de plume of DC Graylocke

Paul can be reached at:  @firbob1

Sina can be reached at:  @queenkatblue

Or in the Usual Places:

@tenforward1701, trekmatetenforward@gmail.com or facebook.com/TenForwardPod


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