Ten Forward Episode #132 – Scott’s Desert Island Trek Part 1

We’re back after our holiday break!  Did you miss us?  Don’t tell us if you didn’t, we will pout.

This week, Sina, Paul and Scott discuss Scott’s Desert Island Trek…well at least 3/5ths of it.  Time constraints (blame it on Sina) prevented us from discussing all 5 episodes, so Part 2 will come soon.  Promise.

Tell us what you think.  Remember, all complaints to @firbob1.  Compliments to @queenkatblue.  General show feedback to @tenforward1701, trekmatetenforward@gmail.com, or on the forum at forum.trekmate.com.

Scott can be reached with his abnormally long contact information here:


http://everblueocean.web.fc2.com/englishindex.html  under the nome de plume of DC Graylocke


Author: TenForward

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